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5 Easy Steps to Optimize the Productivity of Your Employees


Improve Lighting

Although some may not think, lighting actually plays a crucial role in a workers day-to-day performance and attitude. It has been proven that natural light exposure improves the mood and energy of workers which has a positive impact on focus and productivity. Unfortunately, most working environments have little to no natural light exposure meaning the performance of it’s workers is sacrificed and not as good as it could be. If incorporating natural light into the workplace isn’t possible then there are ways overcome this hurdle. Investing in some blue-enriched light bulbs may reduce fatigue and increase energy levels. Warm toned lighting promotes calmness and relaxation so these are a good idea to have in meeting rooms.


Make the Office Comfortable

A simple yet effective step. Working in a clean and attractive office can impact massively the relationship between co-workers and management. When workers are given the choice of the space they want to work in and what makes them feel comfortable, they are more likely to work harder if they are at ease. If the environment is hostile, then they are more likely to be less productive.


Good Ventilation

Fresh air is essential to human survival. In the UK, we spend the majority of our time indoors, in the workplace, so making sure it is properly ventilated is essential. Ventilation systems are crucial to creating a safe and comfortable environment in the workplace or at home. Poor air quality can seriously damage the health of your employees causing airway infections and irritations, so should be taken seriously. If you require industrial ventilation systems, there are many factors that you are required to consider before making your decision. These factors include air quality, energy efficiency and temperature. It is important to remember that using stainless steel ducting means that when corrosive substances are passing through the ducting, it doesn’t corrode.


Communication is Key

Consistently interacting and communication with your employees is important when it comes to their motivation and performance. A great way to do this is by offering employees regular feedback on how their work is feeding into the broader business objectives. Rewards and incentives are also a great way to encourage employees and gives them the opportunity to work harder, without demotivating or criticizing.


Screen Time

Screen-time is a huge part of working life and occurs in most day-to-day activities. Adjusting the brightness of your screen and altering the font size and contrast can keep you from straining your eyes and squinting. Doctors recommend the 20-20-20 rule where you:

–          Look away from your computer every 20 minutes

–          Gaze at a distant object at least 20 feet away

–          Look at the object for at least 20 seconds



Providing your workplace with a bottled water cooler is a healthy mini break for your employees. Taking regular breaks is proven to keep their productivity levels up. Having bottled water gives the workers a good excuse to have a walk around, take their eyes off the screen and stay hydrated. Hydration is not only important for your overall health, but also improves productivity and brain activity.


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