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Choosing Curtains for a Small Living Room

Sometimes curtains and window treatments are overlooked as just a way to keep the sun out. However, they hold a great deal of aesthetic appeal which will tie the interior design of a room together. Those that are looking to replace curtains in a small living room and want quality that will impress everyone, consider working with a curtain retailer in Singapore. While smaller spaces can be challenging, they also offer opportunities. The right drapery will create an airy feel with just the right amount of sunlight. This is ideal for opening a confined space. Here are some tips to maximize the space.

Go Up

Tall hanging drapes create an elegant and high-end look. Those that have a small living room can maximize window and ceiling height for a spacious look. Since they hang above the window frame, they will create the illusion of a taller room and lend a sleek and cozy feel.

Curtains are offered in an array of colors and designs from vintage to contemporary. Those that like a regal look may opt for antique options with elegant panels. Others looking for a modern design, chic, square-shaped patterns are very stylish and standout. Drapes that are lengthy in any patter will make the ceiling appear higher and the windows taller. This added height is noticeable as soon as the room is entered.


When drapes are stacked against the wall they will allow the view to become a focal point and welcome sunlight. This clear view will enhance a small space by bringing the outdoors in. So, whether the view is of a beautifully landscaped garden or a city skyline, family and friends will be able to relax with a fresh perspective.


A layered approach will benefit most spaces. By adding a blind or shade to allow for privacy during the evening, a sheer curtain will add privacy for daytime when the blinds are open. This will allow for a finished at all times. By combining the two, it is much easier to control the light that is coming into the room, day or night.

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