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Steps to Dealing with Allegations at the Work Force

Allegations complaints from employees are frequent issues that an employer has to deal with from time to time. Unwillingness of the accused to refuse to admit an allegation will make it difficult for the employee to affirm the allegation making the process stressful. You may also end up dismissing a wrong employee just by not being able to investigate properly the allegations made to an employee. In case of an allegation made against your favourite employee, make sure to deal with the matter fairly and not support one party. The following steps will guide you when managing allegations brought forth by employees.

It is best to carry out a formal inquiry into the complaint to establish the truth of the allegation before taking any measures. You can start obtaining the different accounts of the incident from both parties. To identify contradicting statements by the employees, try an d ask questions like where and what the employees were at the time of the incidence. To ensure a fair and just investigation, select other parties different from the accused and accuser closer co-workers to carry out the investigation. To have experienced personnel investigate the incident, try looking for a registered agency that has good reputation in investigating matters revolving an organisations and mostly employees allegations of assault, sexual harassment and discrimination.

Follow established procedures that have been documented in the organisations policy document regarding measures to follow in case of an allegation complain. You will have to make a decision as to whether the allegations were true by ensuring the team you select to carry out the investigation will definitely manage to collect relevant findings that you will use to make a decision. The culprit employee may interfere with the investigation, thus best if you give both the employees a day off.

Before making any judgement after having obtain the facts regarding the incident matter, do some research to know what your responsibility is as an employer. With the facts, you can make the best decision on the right course of action to take if you find out that indeed an allegation was committed. The weight of the allegations should guide you as to whether to suspend the employee for to dismiss the employee for good for a major allegation. For employees with a high rank, engage the managing board to provide the best disciplinary actions to take.

Sexual harassment and discrimination allegations are likely to polarize the workplace causing workers to side with either the complaining or accused employee. You may damage the reputation of an accused of having committed sexual harassment when you leak the complaint to other employees and the final facts after investigations don’t find the employee guilty.

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