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How to Get Away with Fish with lake Tawakoni’s fishing Guide.

The only way to describe your last fishing expedition was in one word horrendous. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. They made you pay for eight hours for a boat charter, you thought you’d have the guide to yourself and you and other four would be having a blast. Five of you decided that you were going all out and decided that only a boat charter guaranteeing you a custom boat complete with a guide. A classic case of omission where artificial baits were concerned and ignorance on just the sport was what characterized your experience with the guide. Finally you got to that part till somebody mentioned that the big ones were out of season.

You had to settle for third best on catching fish you pitied for being so small seeing that you could couldn’t get any wildlife action. You never made the bag limit, well none of you at least. This just ruined it for you and you no long looked at fishing the same way again. You are allowed to officially quit as soon as you have a Lake Tawakoni experience.

We are talking about all thing striper fish from trophy striper ,to just stripper fish and none other than the white bass. No, okay how about the Channel or big blue catfish? I know you’d like that. Forty pounds for a bag limit and an eight seven point five zero ibs record to break, sounds like a great deal. You may know what you know but their guides they know fish. They are at your disposal to help you with setting a record if you don’t care to break one.

There are many ways to kill a rat, well in this case to catch fish. Whichever you’d prefer from standing timber to artificial fish attractors to bridge piling all your fish catching needs are catered for. Say hello to your reel and rods. If you wouldn’t mind a trophy blue cat I suggest that you visit at around winter, don’t forget the earthworms, shrimp, liver and cut baits. This with a combination of either trotlining, drift fishing or bank fishing can produce some amazing results.

Being the kind of angler you are you understand what good positioning and timing can do for you. Once you’ve taken your position, aim. Take pictures with your catch and let the world or just you know how good you are. Fish keep coming in to ensure that your experience with lake Tawakoni keeps getting better. This is also gives you more chances to get better at your sport.

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