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If you want to show appreciation to your relations, this can be done by means of a promotional gift. These promotional gifts can have different purposes and are suitable for both the office and outside. Do you want to give your relations something they will use a lot and which will be useful in the office? We give 6 tips.

1. Notepad

Working digitally is becoming increasingly popular but there is nothing better than writing down your own notes as a reminder and book of ideas. With a gift such as notepads you give away a commonly used product that everyone uses at the office. You can of course also choose a gift set with both a notepad and a matching pen. When you have this printed with your logo, your relations will often be reminded of your company. Printing gifts with a logo is therefore very handy. From the corporate apparels supplier this is the smartest option that you can go for.

2. Desk clock

At the office you often have to deal with deadlines. These vary for example from months, weeks and days to hours. So it is nice if you can keep a close eye on the time while you are busy with your work. A suitable gift for the office is therefore a desk clock. These are available in various designs, as simple and comprehensive as your budget allows. For example, you can also give a desk clock as a gift with a thermometer on which the date is displayed and which also includes a pencil box.

3. Water bottles

Water bottles are also almost indispensable in an office. When you give a water bottle as a gift, this contributes to the health of the staff and your own brand awareness (when printing a water bottle). There are water bottles available in various types, so you can opt for recyclable disposable bottles, a water bottle or a water bottle with infuser for example. In addition to use in the office, a bottle can also be used multiple times during an active event with the office, during holidays, sports and the like.  For the corporate t shirts this is the most essential matters now.

4. Air-purifying plant

Many people spend whole days at a desk with a computer, laptop and / or telephone. In addition, they usually have an established place and this is often not deviated from. This means that fresh and pure air is very important within an office building. Various indoor plants can contribute to air purification in the office. But beware: by no means all green plants have this effect, so read them carefully and order an air-purifying plant from a promotional gift shop that offers this with explanation and advice.

5. Solar energy charger

Opinions on promotional gifts sometimes differ greatly from each other, but we believe that if you give a well thought out gift, this can bring you many beautiful things. For example, consider environmentally friendly gifts for the office. A solar energy charger for example, which can serve for various devices such as: telephones, tablets and the like. This of course depends on the energy capacity that the charger has to offer. A solar energy charger can be functional both at the office and outside the office. If employers or employees regularly take to the road, this is an ideal gift.

6. Calculator

If you work in the office within the marketing industry, shipping industry or the like, a calculator always comes in handy. After all, there are often things that you have to calculate, such as checking an invoice or calculating how much time you will spend on a project in total. A calculator is therefore a widely used product in every office. Be smart, print your logo on the calculator and make sure that none of your relations can forget you.

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