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Using Decorative Rocks and Mulches in Hardscaping

The necessity of using mulches is very great. Your family will greatly enjoy the benefits of mulching. Reduction in soil erosion and prevention of water loss are some good tidings enjoyed when you use mulches. Mulches improve soil nutrition and balance soil temperature.Although many people know the essence of using mulches, they scarcely consider the options in mulch materials. Many mulch materials are inferior to stone mulch.Here are some advantages of using decorative rocks in your hardscaping as mulch.

There are many reasons why gardeners will go for decorative rocks as mulches. Stone mulch is permanent. The use of stones as mulches reduces the need of replacing them. As far as soil erosion reduction is concerned, stone happens to be the best.Also, decorative stones used in mulching keeps the soil moist.

Once you decide that you will use decorative rocks for mulching you need to decide the type of rocks to use. Crushed stone comes in handy as a type of stone mulch. Some know it as pebble or gravel mulch.This type is the most money saving but gets unattractive at times. Spilling over from the intended areas is the main cause of this.

The other decorative rock used for mulching is pumice rock. It comes as an extremely popular rock for mulching. Volcanic eruptions result to pumice rocks.It is not as heavy as ordinary rocks.It has a special ability to retain moisture unlike any other type of rock. When it comes to mulching flowerbeds and other perennial gardens, pumice rocks comes in handy.

The other type of stone mulch is the good old rock mulch.This type of stone mulch consists of wide varieties of rocks in sizes and shapes. Since the bigger rocks can be easily removed, this type of rock mulch is more advantageous than other stone mulches. When it comes to absorbing heat, large rocks do a much better job than small rocks. Some certain climates benefit greatly from the advantage of these rocks over other rocks used in mulching.

Installing stone doesn’t mean that it has to be hard. Two things is all you need to ensure.The are to hold the rocks in place needs to be hedged first. Bricks, wood, plastic and large stones can be used to form a hedge. Putting up some landscaping fabric before setting the mulch is a good thing to ensure.The landscaping fabric will complement the stones in keeping off the weeds.

When you use stone as your mulch, it is a worthy and wise choice. You will essentially need to decide the type of stone for your garden.Stone has a beauty factor, and this makes it more preferable for hardscaping.

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