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When to Choose Air Conditioner Repair over Replacement.

Air conditioners are essential and living without one is going to make life very difficult for you. However, you do not have to buy a whole new product if you can repair it. Even though repairing is much cheaper than replacement, you should be able to tell when to get a repair technician instead of replacing. One of the things that should help you make the right decision is the age of your air conditioner. People who have had to repair or replace these appliances several times over the years may be conversant with the $5000 rule. What it means is that the service charge multiplied by the air conditioner age should not exceed $5000 if repair is to be done because if the figure is above that you will be spending much more on repairs than what you could have paid to buy a new one.

Do not forget to factor in the energy efficiency of the machine you already have. Many A/Cs have a better energy efficiency know because as technology improve manufacturers make use of better techniques to make the appliances. The great thing about this to the consumer is that the energy bills will come down. High energy bills are a menace in that you will be giving the utility companies the better part of your cheque even before you have used some of this money for yourself and the fact that they are to be paid at the end of the every month makes it even worse. The hot season is even worse because the air conditioner has to work extra time to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level for you. There is no time as worse as the summer to have a faulty air conditioner. It only make sense to repair an air conditioning system that is less than 10 years. If the item is 15 years or more, you should consider replacement.

You should also factor in the number of times you are repairing the appliance. One or two times is okay but if this is happening on a frequent basis it may mean the machine is beyond repair. The worst time for the air conditioner to break is when the temperatures are seriously high and you have no money to pay for repairs which is why it is very crucial for you to set aside some money you can use in the repair process.

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