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The Difference Between A Heat Pump And A Furnace

Heat pumps can be a good substitute for using air conditioner. A Heat pump works by moving heat from one place to another and they use electricity to do this. Heat pumps have cooling coils which improve efficiency and performance.

Water, air and geothermal are the three kinds of heat pumps available. The function of a heat pump is to collect heat from your surroundings and concentrate it in the house. The air heat pump is found in many homes.

Those looking for affordable ways to heat their homes use heat pumps instead of furnaces and baseboard heaters. In the summer when there is a lot of humidity, heat pumps can help to dehumidify the house.

Geothermal heat pumps move heat between a house and the ground. Ground source heat pumps are much more expensive than air heat pumps.

To consider whether to take a geothermal heat pump one should take into account the subsoil and the size of their land. Only suitable for residential areas, is a gas fired heat pump. The heat is an energy source for a gas-fired heat pump.

Buy a heat pump instead of a conventional heating appliance as it is more efficient. Ductless versions are suitable for homes that do not have that. Heat pumps should be placed away from doors and windows because they are noisy.

The choice of a heat pump should be determined by the cost of the electricity, gas and the climate that you live in. Heat pumps are designed for coastal regions and mild winters.

When heat pumps are not cleaned well, they tend to smell bad and release bad air. Furnaces use fossils so they are not kind to the environment. There are two types of furnaces a gas furnace and an oil furnace.

If you live in an area where you experience harsh weather, a furnace would be a good choice. There are different brands and models for heat pumps and furnaces available in the market.

Some furnaces boast of minimum fuel usage and provide maximum heat. Your research should include features like variable speed, two speed compressors, a desuperheater and scroll compressor.

Another useful thing in a heat pump is a back up burners which reduces the cost of electricity and limit cold air from coming into the house. Always involve an expert to install your heat pump for you. Check the different brands available in the market and their prices before you buy one. It is up to the buyer to decide whether they can afford a heat pump or a furnace.

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