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Tips for Buying a Used House, so as not to be Fooled

Do you want to buy a used house or resale? Yes, indeed there are some advantages to buying it. Just say a cheaper price while the condition is not much different from a new home. There are also benefits to being freed from paying taxes.

Here are tips that you can see so that you are not fooled when buying a house like that.

Detailed Information About House Conditions

Get detailed information about the house. It would be better if you get information directly from the owner of the house. Information can be about the history of the establishment of the house and the reason the owner sells his property.

If you buy property through a property agent service, choose a trusted agent and get maximum information from the agent. You can get information about experienced agents.

If you are really unfamiliar with property agents, you should choose a property company that is well-known and has good credibility, for example at the Investment Property Loans in Florida. The advantage of using a property agent service is that you will be assisted in managing the sale and purchase documents and credit submissions until the process is complete.

Checking the Physical Condition of the House

Knowing the details of the physical condition of the building is very necessary, considering you will have the building in the future. You can ask the owner of the age of the building. If the building stands less than 10 years it means the building is new, if 10-20 years means medium, over 20 years is considered an old building.

You also need to find out the history of the land and buildings, to make it easier for you to do maintenance later on. The older the building, the physical condition will also not be maximal, meaning you have to prepare funds to renovate the house.

Check the physical condition of the building in detail. You can use the services of a contractor to assess the physical condition of the building. The things that you need to pay attention to in checking the physical condition of the building include: Wall conditions, a structure of the house, the quality of the floor, the condition of the roof, electricity networks, water sources, and air circulation

Environmental Survey

You need to pay attention to the state of the environment around your prospective home, especially for access and supporting facilities such as places of worship, schools, markets, hospitals. Besides that, also the social conditions of the environment, so you can adapt. Because, you will occupy the environment for a long time, right? For more information, you can visit

Check Document Completeness

Check the authenticity of documents, including certificates, building permits, proof of tax payments. In addition, make sure the seller’s name and the name listed on the document are the same.

If there are differences in names, ask about the relationship status. For houses with inheritance status, ask how many legal heirs, this is very important to avoid legal problems in the future.

Price Survey

Get information about the price of land and houses around where you will buy a house. When making an offer, make sure at a normal price.

For property prices, offers usually range from 10-20{a8381234bb369c1c839448dced481477a5ba06565d9c1ef8106b086e635eca75} of the price offered. You can also take advantage of the price distribution feature available at home sales online, as a reference to find property market prices in an area.

The tips above also apply to the purchase of other types of used property, say apartments, shop houses, land, and other commercial properties.

Happy hunting your dream home!

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