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Tips for Making Calls Abroad

In this communication era, the need for mobile phones as a communication tool is very necessary. Mobile phones are sometimes items that must be taken when going everywhere. If you forget to bring a cellphone, sometimes there are some who are not comfortable.

Even abroad, the cellphone is a mandatory item in the pocket. Now what you need to be aware of is the use of pulses for communication abroad. If you are not wise, your bill might swell to tens of millions.

Here are some tips when carrying your handphone abroad:

1. Battery Charger

One of the things you need to pay attention to is electricity to charge your cellphone battery. The voltage for each country is different, there are 240volts, 220 volts, and some are 110 volts. To overcome this voltage difference, you can prepare a charger that can work in different voltages. Some chargers can work in the 100volt ~ 220volt range.

In addition, the power plugs in each country also vary. In Indonesia, the two electric plugs are in place, now in Panama the plugs are three holes. To overcome this difference, you can buy a universal adapter. For Panama, you can see it in electricity in Panama.

2. Roaming

Some Us cellular operators have cooperation with overseas operators, so that Us mobile operators can be used abroad. Examples of Calling Panama from US. The use of cellphones outside the area is called roaming.

In this international roaming, there are some things you need to be aware of so that your credit is not broken. Some things to watch out for include:

  • If you call from abroad to Indonesia, the telephone receiver in Indonesia can be cut off. So make sure the telephone receiver knows this, so as not to be surprised the pulses suddenly run out.
  • Receive calls from anywhere, the pulses can be cut off. For example, if you take an comfi cellphone to Panama, when you receive a call from Indonesia, your credit will be deducted. If your credit runs out, you cannot take the call again.
  • Turn off instant messaging services like Yahoo, Facebook, etc. Because the application uses internet data services, the price of which is many times the normal price. We recommend using an international data roaming package if your operator provides it.
  • Turn off automatic roaming mode. Select manual roaming mode. Choose a roaming operator recommended by an Us operator.
  • Telephone rates, messages rates, and internet roaming rates, are definitely more expensive several times the normal price. So use your cellphone as wisely as possible when roaming internationally.
  • Ensure that your roaming operator already has promo tariff cooperation with Us operators. If there is cooperation, the tariff is usually cheaper.

3. Postpaid Customers

Postpaid customers, are customers who pay for credit usage at the end of the month after usage. Because paying after usage, this type of customer must be aware of his cellphone activities abroad.

Some things that must be watched out for postpaid customers include:

  • Monthly bills can swell due to uncontrolled cellphone usage. To overcome this, you should set the maximum bill that can be charged. Some operators provide services to control limit pulses that can be used.
  • Turn off your internet data service. One thing that is considered trivial is the use of internet data services abroad. Maybe you just browsing for a while, but it could be that your bill swells at the end of the month. This is because roaming data rates can be more expensive many times than the normal price.
  • Beware of BBM roaming. Blackberry Messenger uses the internet for communication. Now this should be watched out for, some operators do not yet have cooperation in roaming BBM service rates. If there is no tariff cooperation, the tariff used is more expensive internet data rates. Therefore, make sure your BBM is already in collaboration with operators abroad.

4. Pre-paid customers

In addition to the above, for pre-paid customers, make sure that the credit on your mobile phone is still large enough to still be able to receive calls. It is better if you go abroad to top up with a lot of credit, or if you need to bring a credit voucher.

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