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Benefits of Drug Test to the Business.

Drug and substance abuse is major concern to many organizations in the current world. With more than sixty-five percent of current unlawful medication abusers being employed (NSDUH 2009). With this worrying statistics from research, it is important for the business to consider ways of identifying and eliminating drug addict individuals to make the working environment drug free and healthy for clients. This article explains the various benefits of drug test to the company.

One of the normal strategies that employers use to detect drug abusing prospective employees or current workers is “drug testing at workplace”. It is necessary for the company to consider giving a thorough drug examination to reduce the effects associated with drug abuse among workers. Apart from identifying the drug abusers, drug testing deters representatives from participating in drug abuse.

There are several situations where the employees can be given drug testing examination.

Pre-employment drug tests are conducted by the business when hiring new workers for the business and ensure drug addicts are not employed.

This type of drug testing is conducted on workers to determine whether they are using drugs during working hours.

Random medication tests – Conducted on workers on an arbitrary premise to prevent drug abuse among representatives; maybe a couple of representatives are picked randomly to take tests.

These types of tests are conducted on individuals who behave in certain way to suggest usage of illicit of drugs.

Treatment follow-up sedate tests – Conducted on representatives who have come back to work after taking an interest in drug rehabilitation program to guarantee they are abstaining from substance abuse.

It is critical to note that there are various testing units that the firm can purchase for drug testing and they use common testing samples that include saliva and urine from the employees. These kits are capable of testing a single or multiple drugs at the same time. Numerous businesses today utilize multi-panel kits as they can recognize some drugs using a single sample. There is need for the employer to consider use of multi-panel D.T kit because of its numerous benefits. It is important for the business to consider buying D.t kits because they are capable of examining numerous drugs. D.T is beneficial for the organization because it reduces costs associated with buying numerous kits since it can be used to test for numerous drugs.

In line with the needs of the organization, the organization can determine the best plan of drug testing kits. The drug test kits are fairly cheap as compared to the traditional laboratory tests that businesses used to use for drug testing operations. A few organizations even offer high discounts for bulk buys.

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